With data collection and analytics tools, Ludum lets you see where you or your athletes can make the necessary adjustments.

Length, Force, Stroke rate – Which is your Strength?

Is it better to be more technical, stronger? How much more power do you need to deliver if you row shorter? Is it realistic to compensate for stroke length and

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The sliders indoor rowing test | Rowing tips from Shrewsbury School Boat Club

“The pain hits you within the first two minutes!” “It’s awful in terms of lactate build-up…” “Why would you put yourself in that much pain…?” Most rowers will

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Determining a relevant training load score in rowing

Training load is an emerging topic for those serious about training. We have come to the limits of how much time people can train (and

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Rowing Australia using Ludum to Prepare for World Championships

Rowing Australia have been using Ludum to better track the training of all their athletes. Having used several other well know platforms in the past

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Technology can Demonstrate Improved Athlete Skills and Performance on the Water

Getting objective data that helps athletes focus on technical queues that coaches give them makes it possible for athletes to get feedback on their technique

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Using technology to boost performance: the UL experience

The University off London has embraced the use of technology to optimises their performance. Using data as a way of shifting the cultural within their

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Data Provides Answers – but also Raises Questions

At the 2017 World Rowing Coaches’ Conference, a wide-ranging and interesting discussion about data was had. Covering data collection devices, data management platforms and some philosophies

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Measuring Race Performance

Simply recoding the time and maybe the 500m splits is not sufficient to really understand how good a performance an individual or crew has delivered. Until

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Why use Biomechanics?

Dr. Conny Draper is the world leading expert on Biomechanics in Rowing. Here she concentrates on the three main areas of focus within the rowing