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Ludum couples your unremitting devotion to excellence with actionable data insights.

September 2019

Make smarter coaching decisions through measured performance data

  • Implement training changes based on performance insights on time to ensure the maximum pace of athlete improvement and allow your team to consistently outperform others
  • Having everything in one place is a game changer when it comes to managing training and performance for your Team
  • Individual and Team performance insights to personalize training
  • Access historical performance data to uncover trends
  • Create a winning culture of inclusion where athletes understand the coaching process
  • Manage Health and wellbeing across your whole Team
  • Make small tweaks in training that give you the edge
  • Peak for race day
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Samuel Wells, Head Coach of OULRC
“To be the person at the front leading is a lot more daunting, but also a lot more liberating, because you are not defined by who you follow.”
Samuel Wells, Head Coach of OULRC

Unlock the full potential of your sports team

Team and individual progress visualization. Applied Sports Science. Peak performance when it matters. Ludum.

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