Improve Performance
Make smarter coaching decisions using performance data to win.

  • ► Uncover trends for personalized training
  • ► Analyze data, focus training & continuously improve
  • ► Have data driven conversations to inform training plans
  • ► Ensure correct training levels for everyone in your team
  • ► Empower your team to improve sleep and diet for better performance
  • ► Track training intensity & performance in session and over time

Plan Ahead
Streamline your planning to prevent setbacks and perform when it matters.

  • ► Easily create and schedule training plans
  • ► Prevent injury and minimize days of lost training
  • ► Receive actionable data insights and reports
  • ► Record daily training results and health data
  • ► Use data insights to drive individual and team performance
  • ► Use Training Load Scores and RPE to make smarter training decisions

Save Time
Reduce admin, communicate in one place and focus on coaching.

  • ► Save several hours of repetitive work every week
  • ► Integrate all your data and communication in one place
  • ► Instant updates on training plans
  • ► Track attendance
  • ► Receive 24/7 updates on mobile
  • ► Allow athletes to organize daily activities around training

Australia Rowing using Ludum to prepare for World Championships

Dr. Tony Rice, Rowing Science Lead

Being able to plan your training, and measure your training effectively, and making real evidence-based changes to what you’re doing, on the back of a fundamental block of training that you’ve done, you need a good piece of software, you need good people, and you need to make good decisions and so this is one aspect of how we’re able to do that.

We’ve had very little injury or illness and I think some of that’s been about using some of the tools that Ludum have, to make sure that we stay on top of, and ahead of, any illness and injury.

Matt RyanMario WoldtWill ReynoldsSam WellsPhil GrayRufus Schofield
I have used several platforms before but none as sophisticated as Ludum.
Matt Ryan
Australian Rowing Coach and Olympic Medalist
Ludum is a pioneering project that opens new analysis possibilities of high-performance rowing.
Mario Woldt
Sportdirektor, German Rowing Team
If I knew how much time using Ludum would save, I would have started this last term.
Will Reynolds
Head Women’s Coach, Shrewsbury School Boat Club
Ludum saves me around 2 hours a week so I can focus my time on being a better coach.
Sam Wells
Head Coach, Oxford University Lightweight Men
Ludum makes it very very easy for us to make sure that all our training is what we intend it to be.
Phil Gray
Chief Coach, University of London Boat Club
Ludum I find useful because it is a good way to rank yourself. It’s a good motivating factor.
Rufus Schofield
Athlete, University of London Boat Club
Team performance excellence powered by data and communication