The optimal training management and performance analysis tool for teams

Ludum (formerly enables you and your team to keep winning and achieving better results through the power of performance data, better organisation and smooth communication.

Empower athletes to train at the right intensity levels, helping to prevent injury and illness and get the edge that sets the winners apart from others, while a coach has a convenient way of adapting training plans to achieve high performance and a steady athlete development pace.

Keep all data, communication and training programmes in one place and focus on coaching and strategically developing your team.

Ludum Story

Our team has 15+ members working hard to make ensure our clients are happy and their needs are met, enhancing their training experiences.

The founding team of three — Adrian Cassidy, David Townsend and Filip Ljubicic each brought their own strength to the product — David won an Olympic Bronze medal and two World Champion medals in rowing and is an experienced businessman, Filip is a former junior international rower and an awarded app developer and Adrian was a former coach at Cambridge University Boat Club, then British Rowing, followed by Rowing Ireland where he was Chief Coach and coached the Irish sculler at the Olympics in London 2012. Throughout his coaching career, he worked with high performance teams and also mentored other coaches working with high performance teams.

Adrian also holds a Master’s degree in Executive Coaching and co-founded two startups, both in Sports Data Analytics.

Ludum’s functionalities were shaped by extensive coaching experience of Adrian Cassidy and collaborating with applied sports scientists globally.

In addition, we are proud to be supporting a variety of sports teams — from high school teams and university sports departments, to elite clubs and world champions. We work closely with out clients to understand their needs and aspirations which drives our passion to deliver exceptional team experiences via our sports technology software.

While our passion began in rowing, we now serve highly ambitious teams across a range of sports with data driven technology that enables informed decision making for coaches, physiologists and sports scientists. rebranded to Ludum in September 2019.

Team performance excellence powered by data and communication