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We are passionate about supporting our coaches with better tools to improve results. Don’t train harder, train smarter…

The Ludum Story

Starting life in Cambridge UK in 2017 as Rowe.rs to provide proof of concept, we then rebranded as Ludum in 2019, and our platform has benefited from a constant flow of new tools being added ever since.

It was established to help athletes understand how to maximise improvement in their performance and to support coaches by saving time, reducing admin whilst providing athlete monitoring to produce stand-out results. Better results not just by more training but by better training – for that, you need data and insights!

Our ethos is to work tirelessly to ensure we understand our coaches, sport scientists and athletes and work alongside them to ensure their needs are met, enhancing training experiences and ultimately support them to drive improvements.

Our passion is driven by the origins and experience of our founders who each brought their own strength to the product.

Adrian Cassidy was a coach at Cambridge University Boat Club, then British Rowing, followed by Rowing Ireland where he was Chief Coach and coached the Irish sculler at the Olympics in London 2012.

Throughout his coaching career, he worked with high performance teams including mentoring other coaches in their work with high performance teams. Adrian also holds a Master’s degree in Executive Coaching and co-founded two startups, both in Sports Data Analytics.

Our bespoke customers, such as Australian Rowing and Deutscher Rudeverband, enjoy a close working relationship with Adrian to ensure that the product specifications meet the specific needs of the organization right through to the timely delivery.

David Townsend won an Olympic Bronze medal at the 1980 Moscow Olympics and at two World Rowing championships. He remains heavily involved in the sport of rowing as Director of Rowing at a GB Rowing designated High Performance rowing club.

An experienced businessman David spent 25 years in banking, specialising in the use of data to understand risks. He has also had a key role in three start-up charities including as Chairman of a new charitable venture which went on to become Charity of the year.

Working closely with current and potential investors, in addition to business partnership, David is always happy to listen to new ideas and share insights from the world of sports technology software and athlete management apps.

User experience is at the heart of every role at Ludum and we also have a team of responsive Developers along with a specialist Customer Support department.

Ludum’s functionalities were shaped by our broad coaching experience, extensive conversations with coaches and collaboration with applied sports scientists globally.

This has allowed us to support a wide range of teams; from high school and university sports departments, to elite clubs and world champions such as Rowing Australia, Cambridge University Boat Club (Women), Eton College and Princeton University (Men). We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and aspirations which drives us to deliver exceptional team experiences via our sports technology software and athlete management app.

While our passion began in rowing, we now serve highly ambitious teams across an increasing number of sports with data driven technology that enables informed decision making for coaches, physiologists and sports scientists.

Rowe.rs rebranded to Ludum in September 2019

How we help in 60 seconds

We support coaches and sport scientists with training management and performance analysis tools that help them to look at both individual athletes and importantly, the team as a whole.

What people say about us…

"I have used several platforms before, but none as sophisticated as Ludum."

Matt Ryan, Australia Rowing Coach and Olympic Medalist

“… it is so easy to find what I want to look at.”

Adam Moffatt, Head Coach, St Edward’s School

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