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Robert Sens | Crossy's Corner with the Austrian Rowing Coach - Part 1

As an athlete Robert Sens was a three time World Champion picking up medals in both the Men’s Pair and Men’s Quad before turning his hand to coaching. Coaching within the German Team Robert achieved excellence coaching the Lightweight World Champion Jason Osborne and now find himself as the Head


Coaching Styles

Olympic Gold Medal Winning Coach, Robin Williams, discusses coaching styles. Exploring the roles and behaviours of a successful coach. How they have to understand their


The Importance of Data in the Role of a Sports Coach

Coaches have a pivotal role to play in the lives of athletes, at all levels. It is vital they appreciate the position they hold and


Olympic athletes and coaches training in isolation

Covid 19 has really highlighted how important sport is to both spectator and competition. With the eventual postponement of Tokyo 2020 athletes were send away


Crossy's Corner with Matt Smith | Part 1 - Impact of Covid-19 on Future Rowing Events

Matt Smith is the Executive Director of World Rowing and in this interview he and Martin Cross discuss the future of rowing not just in


Coaching through Covid | Round Table - Part 1

How do you continue to coach your team during a global pandemic and lockdown measures? We assembled a group of coaches from around the world to


Texas Rowing's Dave O'Neill in Crossy's Corner - Part 1

The Head Coach of Texas Rowing, Dave O’Neill loves the sport and his enthusiasm is infectious. In this edition of Crossy’s Corner, Martin Cross drags


To the Coaches - Thank You!

Today would have been the start of Nat Schools 2020 and so it seems as good a time as any to publish it once again


Cambridge University Women: Rowing Training for the Boat Race (2020)

Behind scenes, serious effort is invested to keep the edge they have and go for another win against Oxford University in the 2020 Boat Race. We


Rowing coaching tips part 1 | Interview with Bobby Thatcher

This informal discussion was recorded at the 2019 Rowers Conference ( between Bobby Thatcher, head coach of the highly successful St Pauls School Boat Club,