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The Importance of Data in the Role of a Sports Coach

Coaches have a pivotal role to play in the lives of athletes, at all levels. It is vital they appreciate the position they hold and are able to manage themselves


5 Stages of Coaching – How to Become an Exceptional Coach

Every sports coach is different. Some are good at doing it traditionally by the book, others experiment and try new methods so they get creative


What strength quality does your rower/crew need to improve their speed?

How can strength & conditioning emphasize different strength qualities to improve performance? This article provides a framework and recommendations for the coach and rower to address


Coaching Styles

Olympic Gold Medal Winning Coach, Robin Williams, discusses coaching styles. Exploring the roles and behaviours of a successful coach. How they have to understand their


Tom Kay - Chinese Rowing Team Coach and Former World Champion Rower in Crossy's Corner

Chinese Rowing Team Coach and Former World Champion Rower, Tom Kay meets Martin Cross LIVE in Crossy’s Corner! Watch live at 4pm (UK)


Richard Spratley, The Mastermind behind the Oxford Brookes Rowing Empire, chats in Crossy's Corner

Richard Spratley from Oxford Brookes University Boat Club gave us a great interview. Him and Martin discussed some interesting topics, including what it’s like working


Crossy's Corner with Tony O'Connor, Rowing Coach of the New Zealand M8+

Martin Cross interviews Kiwi Men’s 8+ coach Tony O’Connor about his outstanding success in Tokyo. Tony was superb in the hot-seat, sharing lots of details about


Korzeniowski's Corner | Polish Rowing Coach Kris Korzeniowski returns to Crossy's Corner to continue the masterclass

The first Crossy’s Corner guest to be asked back, it’s only been a couple of weeks since he was last on but Kris Korzeniowski has


Duke University Varsity Coach and World Champion Rower, Megan Cooke Carcagno interviewed in Crossy's Corner

A Gold Medallist at the 2006 World Championships as an athlete, Megan now coaches the Duke Varsity Rowing team. This is a fascinating interview with Martin


Legendary Polish Rowing Coach Kris Korzeniowski interviewed in Crossy's Corner

The legendary rowing coach spoke with Martin Cross on rowing technique, the world’s current top coaches and more… Kris was invited back to continue the masterclass