Ludum helps ensure high levels of athlete health and fitness through advanced tracking metrics.

Why monitor Injury and Illness?

In order to maximise an athletes rate of improvement they need to complete as much of the training on testing in programme as possible. Understanding the reasons why your athletes

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The Number 1 Rower in the World | Richard Schmidt in Crossy's Corner with Martin Cross - Part 1

World Champion 6 times, European Champion 8 times and Olympic Champion in 2012 – all in the German 8+ (or as it’s known the Deutschlandachter)

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How much sleep does an athlete need?

Athletes’ sleep is responsible for recovery and adaptation to their training. The quantity and quality of sleep for athletes are two specific variables that will

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Clark Dean | Crossy's Corner with US Rowing's Rising Star - Part 1

Clark Dean may be a new name to many rowing fans, but even though he’s only 20 he’s ready made quite a mark on the

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Crossy's Corner Wingfield Sculls 2021 Special - Graeme Thomas, GB Olympian and 2021 participant

Martin Cross interviewed GB Olympian Graeme Thomas about his career to date and his upcoming participation in The Wingfield Sculls 2021. Graeme previews the race and

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Paralympic Champion Rower, GB's Ollie Stanhope interviewed in Crossy's Corner

Ollie Stanhope gets interviewed by Martin Cross following his success in Tokyo winning GOLD in the PR3 Mixed 4+

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Jack Beaumont - GB Olympic Silver Medallist & Leander Club Captain interviewed in Crossy's Corner

Jack Beaumont, Olympic Silver Medallist at the Tokyo Olympics in the GB 4x talks with Martin Cross in Crossy’s Corner.

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Andrea Proske in Crossy's Corner - Canadian Olympic Champion in the Women's Eight

Has there ever been an Olympic Champion who only started doing their sport aged 27…? There is now! Andrea Proske (‘The Terminator’ to her crewmates) is

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The Ideal Body Type Of A Rower

There has been a long standing stereotype that the ideal rowing body type is someone who is tall. But is this really the best rowing

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Managing your Training in Masters Rowing

From post-university rowers in their 20s to those in their 90s Masters Rowing encompasses a spectrum of ages, abilities, and events geared to each group.