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The Best Olympic Regatta Ever

As part of our attempt to rank the Top Olympic Rowing Finals we also asked our panel of experts to choose what they think is the best Olympic Regatta ever…

Athlete Health & Fitness

Our Top Olympic Rowing Races Ranked

Without live rowing to enjoy, we’ve decided to look back at the most exciting, the most controversial, the closest and the most historically significant Olympic

Athlete Health & Fitness

Clark Dean | Crossy's Corner with US Rowing's Rising Star - Part 1

Clark Dean may be a new name to many rowing fans, but even though he’s only 20 he’s ready made quite a mark on the

Athlete Health & Fitness

From Olympic Rowing Training to Battling Coronavirus | Crossy's Corner with Olivia Coffey

All aspiring Olympic athletes are battling with the social impact of Coronavirus but three time World Rowing Champion and Boat Race winner Olivia Coffey has

Athlete Health & Fitness

Benefits of Athlete Monitoring

So much time and effort goes into training. Very often that all goes to waste because not enough attention is placed on monitoring both the

Athlete Health & Fitness

Olympic Rowing Legend | Crossy's Corner with Sir Matthew Pinsent - Part 1

Sir Matthew Pinsent is universally known throughout the rowing community, both as an outstanding Olympic Athlete with four Gold Medals from consecutive Olympics, but also

Athlete Health & Fitness

New Zealand World Champion Women 2- and 8+ | Crossy's Corner (Gowler and Prendergast)

Most rowers will know what it feels like to have doubled up at a regatta, but most will not have tried it at a World

Athlete Health & Fitness

Preparation for Tokyo Olympics : Crossy's Corner (Olli Zeidler)

Martin Cross interviews Oliver Zeidler, the 2019 World Champion single sculler from Germany. The interview took place during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown and covers a

Athlete Health & Fitness

Why monitor Injury and Illness?

In order to maximise an athletes rate of improvement they need to complete as much of the training on testing in programme as possible. Understanding