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Power, Strength & Muscular Endurance in Sport: An Explanation

Power definition in sport is a hot topic. Having a grasp of the subtle but profound differences between power, strength and muscular endurance will better equip you on how to write and deliver your training programme. All athletes produce power in order to perform, but the the rate and duration of

Training Plans

How University of London Boat club use Ludum

The University of London Boat Club (ULBC) have been using Ludum to power their performance and streamline their organisation and communication. Using Ludum to plan

Training Plans

5 Stages of Coaching – How to Become an Exceptional Coach

Every sports coach is different. Some are good at doing it traditionally by the book, others experiment and try new methods so they get creative

Training Plans

Should training programmes be written in time or distance

Time to Distance…. which is the best. Coaches vary in how they write their training programmes. Some assign session duration by time and some by

Training Plans

What Training are your Athletes Actually Doing?

Not only do the vast majority of coaches not know what the amount of training quality or volume each of their athletes has done, they

Training Plans

Who actually completed the Club Training Programme? Anybody?

Most coaches have no absolutely no insight into what training any given athlete has completed over a season. They could produce a copy of the