Free access to Ludum during Covid Lockdown

Free access to Ludum during Covid Lockdown

Stay safe whilst training in Isolation


As a coach I understand the challenges you are having with your teams. I am reaching out to offer you free use of our Ludum platform to help you manage your team at this uncertain time. We want to help you to engage and motivate your athletes and assist your coaches to help return to winter training for the 2020-2021 season in good shape. None of us want next year’s season to go to waste as well!

For this reason, if you are a coach or athlete and new to the Ludum platform, we are offering an extended free trial period until August to support our community through this period of imposed isolation and remote training. If you are a coach or athlete and an existing subscriber to our platform, please get in touch if you require any technical advice or support to help you get the most out of the Ludum platform or set up new users. 


When we started Ludum our mission was to help coaches and athletes connect, track training and improve performance using existing technology such as Polar/Garmin heart rate monitors as well as by developing our own apps such as Ergstick and Float to collect training data directly from Concept 2 rowing machines. In response to Covid-19 I’m incredibly proud of what the Ludum team have been able to do, developing a new feature called ‘challenges’ over a matter of days that we’re making freely available and hope will help to motivate and keep our community training together during this unprecedented time.


We are continuously looking at other ways we can support those in our community and we will keep you updated as things evolve. If you have any suggestions, then please get in touch. In the meantime, stay safe and keep rowing!



Adrian Cassidy
Co-Founder and Rowing Coach
[email protected]

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