Organising a Training Plan

Organising a Training Plan

So much goes time and effort goes into running a team. Organising and managing training, keeping onto of what athletes are doing is time-consuming. All these tasks are part of the roles of a coach in running a programme.

If I knew how much time this would save I would have started this last term…

-Will Reynolds from Shrewsbury School Boat Club

Coaches and athletes normally have to keep track of several platforms, one for the training programme, another for communication and another for attendance. Why not have them all in one place..?

Session Plan

It is crucial for the athletes to know what the training plan is. For the coach it is key then know who will be attending each session. Gone are the days where you have to manage endless Facebook groups in order to see who is available for tomorrows training session. In order to manage your endless lists of people from differing squads, it is important to be able to quickly see who is available for each training session. Once you know that you can easily plan for the session. Even set crews for the water sessions.
Having the session structured on Ludum means that you can easily keep tabs on who is planning on attending training and communicate effectively with them. The Coaching app gives you a clear view of what is going on.

Rowing Training

Because you know the availability of your athletes within the actual session on the app. As you know the roster, you can simply build the planned crews from the list of athletes who will be attending the session. It is easier to manage the training periodisation when you know who has rowed in which sessions. Plus no need to send an email again as they athletes know what they are rowing in as soon as you publish the crews.

Performance Analysis

The first set to performance is attendance. If the athletes aren’t turning up to training then it does not matter how much data you collect, they will not improve. Because you or the athlete can mark your attendance, either before or at the session, there is a full record of every athlete’s attendance. Simply look at the attendance report and you can see who has been training. This makes tracking athlete training so much easier. This also helps you to show the impact completing the programme has on the rate of improvement of your athletes
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