Communication within Ludum

Communication within Ludum

Communicating with your sports team as a coach can be challenging, and even more so when communication is happening across the entire club (with other coaches, club administrators and managers, parents, etc).

The standard nowadays, for most of the clubs is using several different platforms — from phone calls and texts to email, mobile apps, social media and cloud-based apps.

Communication with your team can be fraught with multiple mailing lists. Forgetting to include people in emails, or adding the wrong people, or even simpler things like clicking reply instead of reply to all in an email can wreak havoc in getting vital information across.

When trying to find out who is coming to the sessions you can spend ages looking through lists on social media groups, email threads, etc.

We have simplified all of that and made team communication simple, all in one place — in your Ludum app. Ludum now allows you to streamline all communication about the training schedule, changes to the schedule that happen on the go, attendance, planning and performance feedback.

Not only does this allow your team easy access to answers when they need them — it also means you as a coach save several hours of work each week, you’ll have access to a tool to create clear and structured team communication which helps build a stronger culture and have more time to focus on coaching.

Ludum offers three main ways to communicate effectively with your team:

1.               Via Groups

When you set up your Team in Ludum we automatically create a group with all the athletes and coaches — this enables you to message the whole team immediately.

We recommend that you create other groups (Called Squads in Ludum) in order to streamline your communication. These could be specific groups of athletes, or just all the coaches, or whatever groups required to help you achieve smooth communication.

Whenever you post on the wall on these groups, everybody will receive an in-app notification as well as an email with a link to the post. These posts can contain images, documents, and embedded videos and you can easily share content straight from your phone.

No more email lists!

2.               Via Training Sessions

When you create a training session you will add the appropriate athletes and coaches to it. This then gives you a channel to communicate to everyone who is due to attend the training session.

Again here you can attach a video or other file taken with your phone that you can add straight to the session.

No more email lists!

3.               Via Managing Attendance

You will know who is coming to the training, simply by looking at the training session on the app.

This also means no more searching around to see who has checked in. What’s more, on the training session you have the added bonus of managing the roster for training – full explanation here (link to communication Guide).

See how Ludum can help you streamline your team communication — request a demo here.

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