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Ludum Coaching App Can Help Manage Your Club

Running and organising a rowing club is a complex movable feast that seems to require the use of many platforms and technologies in order to keep track of what is going on. At Ludum we simplify your processes, saving you time so that you can focus much more on your actual coaching.

About the author

Adrian was a former coach at Cambridge University Boat Club, then British Rowing, followed by Rowing Ireland where he was Chief Coach and coached the Irish sculler at the Olympics in London 2012. Throughout his coaching career, he worked with high performance teams and also mentored other coaches working with high performance teams.

Adrian also holds a Master’s degree in Executive Coaching and co-founded two startups, both in Sports Data Analytics.


If I knew how much time this would save, I would have started this last term

Any rower, rowing coach, or rowing supporter will know how much time rowing can take. Many may agree this time could be used more effectively with greater organisation. This is where Ludum’s products can help you.

So much goes into running a crew, squad, or team. Organising and managing your club’s training plans and athletes can be time-consuming, no matter if you are a volunteer or professional coach.

Coaches use many different training and athlete management software platforms designed to make their coaching lives easier; however, it can still take forever to keep tabs on everything. Having to keep track of what was sent on each different platform doesn’t help either.

Improving your club’s organisation through using Ludum’s products can help you answer a number of questions:

Who is attending tomorrow’s session?

To manage participation amongst your long lists of people from different squads, it is important to know quickly who is available for each training session. Once you have that information to hand, you can easily draw up the training plan.

Having the session set up and structured using the Ludum app means you can communicate easily with your athletes. Sometimes, a coach has to create a new group just to contact those athletes actually signed up to attend the session. In the Ludum app, each session is set up so you can simply message only those who are attending the session.

Who is rowing in which crew?

Using the Ludum app, you will have to hand athlete availability for the session concerned. You go into the session and build crews for the water work, and then inform those attending which crew they are rowing in. Using only a short series of steps, the app saves you the trouble of having to create a new spreadsheet or mailing list to send out.

Who didn’t turn up today, and why?

Within the Ludum app, both coach and athlete can mark attendance at a session, either before or during the session, adding in a reason for any unavailability. The coach will then have a full record of every athlete’s attendance. To see who has been training, all the coach needs to do is look at the attendance report. The Ludum app makes tracking athlete training so much easier.

The time saving offered by the Ludum app has already become clear to our users. “If I knew how much time this would save, I would have started this last term,” Royal Shrewsbury School Boat Club coach Will Reynolds told Ludum.

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