The Wingfield Sculls

Bookmark this page for live athlete performance data during The Wingfield Sculls on Thursday...

We’re excited to be using our technology to partner with The Wingfield Sculls 2021!

Ludum Gold tier customers are already able to live stream their training data into the platform using the Ludum app, but now we’re using the same technology to support this exciting event with live performance data to accompany the video stream of the race.

Bookmark this page and come back on Thursday 21 October for the live streaming and data dashboards for both the Men’s and Women’s Races.

Racing schedule:

Women’s Race – 12:45 BST
Men’s Race – 14:00 BST


The course is the 4 ½ mile (6.8 km) ‘Championship Course’ on the Thames, UK, (most famously used by the Oxford–Cambridge Boat Race) from Putney to Mortlake complete with tide, bends, shallows, rough water, driftwood and other river users.

Eighty eight men and, since 2007, seven women have held the title ‘Champion’, and of the forty one champions since the second world war, twenty six have been to the Olympics and fifteen have medalled.

If you want to learn more about the race and its history then visit The Wingfield Sculls website.

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Ludum’s Live streaming software enables us to not only link show to the live racing video, but also the performance data from each athlete.

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