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Automated Indoor Rowing Machine Data Collection with In-Depth Stroke Level Analytics

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“This is perfect when you’re in training mode and want to really understand your workout statistics in detail including heart rate. It’s particularly good for rowing clubs and coaches wanting to evaluate data for multiple rowers.”

Float is a free Indoor Rowing app with unparalleled training visualisation offering detailed stroke-level analytics. Have stroke by stroke info in the palm of your hand, start making smarter training decisions as you go and enjoy training without the hassle of manual data entry.
Your training history starts when you start recording your data.
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The only way to completely automate ergo score collection and have deeper insight into your team’s ergo training in one place.

Integration between Float and Ludum
Why is it For You

✔ Never write down ergo scores again
✔ No spreadsheets and screenshots of ergo scores
✔ Significantly less admin so you can focus on training
✔ More stroke level performance details than on monitors
✔ Automatic import of data into Ludum

What you get from using Float

✔ Overall session data that the Concept 2 offers for single, multiple and variable sessions
✔ Additional timeline of data for each stroke for the following parameters

• Stroke length
• Power
• Stroke rate
• Heart rate
• Pace
• Peak power

✔ No need for screenshots as proof that the ergo has been done as Concept 2 consider it a validated score

How to start using
  1. Download the Float app
  2. Create and validate your account in Float
  3. Login into your Ludum app and connect your Float account
  4. Select the correct settings for how you want the data to be imported
  5. Done ✔

More useful info

Options for data import into Ludum

Here the session will automatically be imported from Float into Ludlum. All the data will create a session in your calendar at the time the session was started. You will receive a notification when the session has been created.

Athlete Triage

The session from float will be pushed to Ludum and we will notify you that it has arrived. There will be a session import box on your feed, you will be offered three options.
1. Ignore the session (no import, example: 20s test paddle on the ergo).
2. Add the data for the ergo session to a session already in your programme.
3. Create a new session for the data in float session.


You can choose not to be notified at all. But you will still be able to go to a specific ergo session and import the data there manually at a later date.

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